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2017: Project 17 in 17 and Pan that Palette!

 Happy 2017 everyone! I hope this year will be good to us, as I feel that 2016 was a pretty shitty year for a lot of people. Here's to new beginnings!
While anyone could start any ~life changing~ project on any day of the year, January 1st still feels 'fresher' than any other day to me. I've been toying with the idea of a real, commited project pan for a few months now, and over the Christmas break I finally managed to solidify them into two main project pans for 2017: 17 in 17 and Pan that Palette.

If you don't know what a panning project is, let me fill you in: It's basically a project of at least a few weeks in which you try to use up a selection of beauty products before a predetermined deadline. The project is a success if in the end the products are finished or you've hit pan (the metal tray in which powder and cream products are pressed).
These products could be products you love, products you want to move out of your collection, or products that need to be thrown out soon due to their expiry date. Because all Project Pans have a predetermined deadline, this motivates you to use your selected products more often in order to hit your goal.
There are a lot of smaller YouTubers who participate in panning projects and show their progress in their videos (some of my personal favourites are Elle S, Amber F, Makeup.Just.For.Fun, Cheap Thrills, and Jacqueline Lovene).
I tried to do a small Project Pan last year, but that attempt failed miserably after I dropped & broke some of the products and instantly lost motivation. But 2017 is a new year with new beauty resolutions, so I'm ready to take on the challenge again!
Over the past couple months I've spent a lot of time browsing the subreddit /r/MakeupRehab, a group focused on recovering from the overspending-hype-train-fest that the beauty community has become by appreciating what you already have. And that's where the panning projects come in! Committing yourself to a set of products gives you an idea how long it takes to use up certain products. Also, using up a product will give a lot of satisfaction, maybe even more than the satisfaction of buying a product!

But enough blabbing! I feel like I'm really bad at writing a concise introduction; I could go on for several more paragraphs easily!

17 in 17
This is a pretty straightforward project: use up 17 products in 2017. I found this project on MakeupRehab and figured it would be a nice project for me as an unexperienced panner: one year is a realistic time frame for me to finish most (or all) of these products! I've listed my products and their info down below. My goal is to use up everything except the bronzer, blush and highligher. For those, hitting pan will be sufficient!

 1. Essence Hello Autumn pencil liner in 020 Leaves are the new beef
This pencil liner was part of a LE from the fall of 2014, so it's over 2 years old at this point. I immediately bought it when it came out, but I've only used it a handful of time since then. Apart from the slightly strange name (I'm not gonna chomp on dry autumn leaves, Essence) I absolutely love this pencil. It's a medium brown color with a beautiful warm sheen. It's perfect for an everyday look, I already know I will use this one a lot. Still, the large size worries me a little bit...

2. Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
This is probably the most popular pen liner in the beauty community, mainly because of it's brush tip and intense black colour. But -shocking!- I'm not that impressed by it. I don't know what it is, but I never find myself reaching for it, even though the quality is really good. I guess I just prefer gel liners over pen liners.

3. Essence waterproof brow topcoat
This cute little brow gel is supposed to make your brows waterproof while also keeping them in place. I have no idea if this actually makes my brows waterproof; when it's raining, there are a lot of other things I worry about before I even think about my brows. But this does keep my brows in place really well, although they feel quite waxy when I use this. The tube is pretty tiny; I'll have no problems finishing this up.

4. Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick 040 NUDEtritious
While I can't get over the cringey name, this is hands down one of my absolute favourite lipsticks. It's the perfect nude colour for my skintone and the formula is amazing (and it smells like MAC lipsticks). When I found out that this shade was discontinued, I stopped using it. I feel like a lot of people do this when their favourite product gets discontinued, but I've realized that I should actually use and enjoy the product instead of letting it waste away because I want to 'save' it.

5. Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape in Medium
This is also a favourite of mine which I'd stopped using for a while. It's a dual ended brow pencil with a liquid felt tip brow product on one side and a retractable pencil on the other. It's great for getting a really sharp brow, but lately I've been using brow powder for a softer brow look. Time to switch to this one again!

6. Essence Stay Natural concealer in 010
A real throwback product: I used to use this alllll the time when I was around 13 or 14 years old (so around 7/8 years ago). It's still available, and last year I bought it out of curiosity. Would it still be as nice as I remembered? Sadly, I was quite dissappointed with it. The coverage is very sheer and it doesn't last well. Clearly my makeup expectations have changed over the years! This only has 1.5 milliliters of product and I use a shit ton of it to get somewhat decent coverage, so I'm hoping to finish it quickly!

7. Essence Soo Glow! cream highlighter 020 bright up your life
This cream highlighter has a really nice consistency, it doesn't feel tacky and leaves a beautiful sheen. It's one of the only cool-toned highlighters in my collection as I mostly use warm tones. However, the warm-toned sister of this highlighter has gone bad not too long ago, so I know this one's on it's way out as well. I purchased this 8 months after the warm-toned (expired) one, so I hope I can hit pan before this turns on me.

8. Yves Rocher Youthful Glow foundation Beige 000
My HG foundation! There's no other foundation that gives me the gorgeous luminous effect this one does while also being a perfect colour match. I've been using the same bottle since May 2015, so I need to move it out. I have about 1/3 left.

9. Yves Rocher Longlasting Cream Shadow in Cuivre
Another Yves Rocher product! This is a cream shadow in beautiful copper shade. It holds up surprisingly well on my oily eyelids. Sadly, this colour is discontinued as well, so I had the same save-it-for-no-reason mentality as I had with the Catrice lipstick. I don't know if I'll be able to use this up completely: I already feel like it's dried up a bit.

10. Bourjois Smoky Liner Ultra Black
Another HG product I've had for waaayyy too long. This is the smoothest kohl liner ever and it works really well for my waterline as it doesn't leave a film on my contact lenses like some other liners will (UD Perversion, I'm looking at you). I bought a backup a long time ago but this is still going strong. I won't buy it again because it's not cruelty free, so I need to use this while it's still good. There's about 1/4 left of this one.

11. Tony Moly Peach lipbalm
I bought this lipbalm last summer when I visited Seoul with my boyfriend. While it's still pretty new I want to use it as much as possible because I LOVE IT. The smell, the consistency, the 'healing properties' (I hope you get what I mean lol): everthing is on point with this one. The only kinda bad thing is that the packaging looks more like a huge pimple (or nipple) than a peach.

12. Kat von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Noble
Another recent purchase, I purchased this around the same time as the last item. It's a deluxe size that's part of one of those sets they put near the Sephora cash register; you know what I mean ;). The colour is the most stunning pinkish-nude I've ever seen, but the formula and packaging are soooo bad. I can only pull this off if I moisturise and scrub my lips beforehand, as this formula emphasises literally EVERYTHING. The tiniest speck of texture on your lips can ruin the whole lip look. It also settles into my lip lines pretty quickly :(. The packaging is horrible as well, the bullet gets smushed to one side when I use this. So sad about the crappy formula, but I will use this nontheless because I can't get enough of the colour.

13. Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzer 
I've had this bronzer for years and while it is a good bronzer, I've barely managed to show some usage. The colour can pull a bit orangey on me, but it's fine when I use a stippling brush. This bronzer has great sturdy packaging (for some reason the top lid can be twisted 360 degrees, which I admit is gimmicky but cool) and it smells like summer!

14. NYC Cheek Glow blush 654 Outside Café
I'm not really a blush kinda girl: I prefer bronzers and contour powders to give my face dimension and colour. When I do use blush it's usually in a natural colour, such as this one! This is my favourite blush of LIFE, as it gives an amazing subtle colour and sheen to my face without ever looking overdone. I see a lot of negative reviews for this because of its sheer colour, but that's just why I love it so much! Although it is my favourite and I've had it for a loooong time, it doesn't really show a lot of wear. But I'm trying to stay positive: hopefully I'll have some pan showing at the end of the year, although it'll be bittersweet.

15. NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu
Confession time: I actually HATE Tiramisu. The dessert, that is. I feel like I'm the only one, I've never met anyone else who doesn't like it either!
This lipgloss is really nice though. It's my go-to nude lipgloss and it suits my skin tone very well. I've had this for a while so I need to use it up before it goes bad!

16. Freedom Makeup London Strobe Cream
This is a shimmering face cream that I usually use under foundation. It's not nearly as intense as the one from MAC but it does give a nice glow to a matte foundation. I'll probably start using this after I use up the Yves Rocher foundation because the foundation already has a glow by itself. Adding the strobe cream will only turn me into a greaseball.

17. Essence longlasting lipliner in 08 Girl next door and 05 Lovely frappuccino
I actually have two products as my #17! These two lipliners are great for creating a nice gradient lip, and that is what I mostly use them for. As I use them together most of the time I decided to pair them in this project. It doesn't mean that I can only use them together though!

I'll try to post updates about my 17 in 17 panning process once every two months or so. I hope I can already show some used up products in my next update!

My second panning project is a bit more ambitious: it's a Pan that Palette project! For this product, you focus on one specific eyeshadow palette for a year to try and use up as many eyeshadows as possible. The palette I chose for my PtP is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette!

 Probably everyone knows this palette already, as the Naked palettes are/were insanely popular. My Naked 2 is currently the oldest palette in my collection, I bought it in 2012. I feel like it's time to use it up before it changes in formula or turns bad!

I won't go too hard on myself for my first PtP, so my goal is to hit pan in at least six shades. As you can see I don't have any dips in these eyeshadow, so hitting pan might still prove to be a challenge! I've neglected this palette over the last two years as I've been gravitating to more warm-toned shades as opposed to these cool-toned ones. Let's hope I fall in love with cool tones again!
I will include progress photos of this palette in my 17 by 17 updates as well.

Phew, that article was longer than I expected. If you've read up to this point: I applaud you! Hope you found it interesting to read my long-ass stories on these old-ass products ;). Let's hope I'll be able to move them out soon!

Are you participating in a Project Pan? What are your beauty resolutions for 2017?

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  1. Wat een leuke uitdaging! Ik ben benieuwd of het je gaat lukken, succes in ieder geval! Ik ben zo'n persoon die qua oogschaduw geregeld pan raakt, maar qua blush heb ik het bijna nooit en in highlighters ook niet. En shame on me: ik heb nog nooit een lipstick opgemaakt haha. Dat laatste zou ik dit jaar best willen doen als het mij lukt.

    1. Oh wat grappig om te lezen! Ik vind oogschaduw namelijk het moeilijkst om op te maken! Een lipstick opmaken gebeurt bij mij wel af en toe, maar dan moet ik er meestal wel op focussen en mezelf eraan blijven herinneren om hem ook bij te werken ;)

  2. Ooooooh wat leuk dat je je hier ook aan waagt! :) Ik vind dit altijd fantastische projecten die enorm satisfying(?Nederlands? zijn. Ik doe ook een Pan that Palette dit jaar (al zou je het niet zeggen na mijn project pan faal :( ) Wat leuk dat je youtubers noemt, ik ga ze zeker eens kijken!

    En wat superleuk dat je ook op /r/MakeupRehab zit!!! Wat is je username? :D Kunnen we elkaar stalken enzo :]

    De Essence oogpotlood naam deed ook even mijn wenkbrauwen rijzen, haha. Goh, ik ben eigenlijk wel fan van de KvD liquid lipsticks! Jammer dat KvD producten niet zo voor je werken (maar ach, scheelt geld!).

    Jeetje, wat ontzettend leuk om te lezen! En leuk geschreven :) Ik ben weer geïnspireerd om mijn eigen projectje op te zetten (al zit ik nog diep in mijn vorige, haha). Ik kijk uit naar je vooruitgangs-posts :D

    1. /r/MakeupRehab is echt geweldig! mijn username is black_porcupine. Volgens mij ben jij FloortjeH, aangezien er niet zoveel Floortjes rondhangen op MakeupRehab had ik al zo'n vermoeden dat jij het was :D Dus stiekem was ik je al aan het stalken haha
      De Kat von D liquid lipsticks vind ik wel fijn! Alleen deze bullet lipstick werkt niet zo voor me. Ik zie wel meer slechte reviews voor deze kleur, dus ik denk dat deze qua formule gewoon wat minder is.
      En bedankt dat je m'n artikel leuk vond! Dat doet me goed :3