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Review: Clio Kill Cover Ampoule Founwear Cushion

Hello there, and welcome to my first ever English article! If you are new here: welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog, although you might not be able to understand my older articles if you don't speak Dutch. But dont cry just yet - I will post many more English articles soon. But enough blabbing about language, let's get into my very first cushion review (a lot of firsts today)! Today I'm reviewing the Clio Kill Cover Ampoule Founwear Cushion for you.

As you might know, cushion foundations are all the rage at the moment, and more and more Western brands have started to come out with their own cushion foundations. However, the cushion foundation format has existed for quite some time now in Korea; they are sold almost everywhere at every price point.
This summer I visited Seoul with my boyfriend and was super excited to finally explore Korean beauty (or k-beauty) products. As I've always had a weakness for foundations, I was most excited to finally get my hands on some cushion foundations (and I also got some other stuff). One of the most highly-rated cushion foundations is this one from a brand called Clio.
This cushion is from their Kill Cover line which contains quite a lot of products, ranging from cushions, liquid foundations, and powders to concealers. This particular cushion is supposed to be more high-coverage than regular cushions (which are usually more dewy and sheer). I find the term 'Kill Cover' pretty funny, as I don't have a single clue as to what they mean with the name. Does it cover so much that it 'kills' all your imperfections? Is the coverage able to actually kill a man (or woman, which is probably more likely in this case)? Does this foundation make YOU able to kill someone? No one will ever know - or at least I won't.

The cushion itself comes in a sturdy case with a mirror and puff inside. In the actual box (which I can't show because it didn't fit in my suitcase) you also get a refill. Once you finish your cushion, you can pop it out of it's case and put in a refill; that way you don't have to throw out the whole thing once you run out! A cushion does however contain less product than a normal foundation; it's usually about half, like this one. Almost all cushion foundation contain high SPF because Koreans are obsessed with protecting themselves from UV rays (and also don't want tan skin). Like most cushions, this one has SPF 50+ PA+++.

The cushion compartment is sealed off by a little 'door' to keep it from drying out. Under it, you'll find the actual cushion! If you're not familiar with this product and have been wondering all this time what a cushion actually is: it's literally a sponge that has been soaked into foundation or BB cream. Because the cushion has to be able to soak up the foundation, the consistency of a cushion foundation is usually thinner than that of a regular liquid foundation.
I always apply cushions with the puff that comes with it. I know that some Western beautygurus prefer to use a brush or sponge to apply it with, but that almost never happens in Korea. The puffs are actually designed specifically to apply cushion foundations with, so they're not just some random puff that you're only intended to use if you're on the go (like the sponge tips you get with eyeshadow).
Now let's get to the actual testing! FYI: I'm usually around NW13 color-wise, and I have a yellow undertone. My skintype is combination-to-oily depending on the season. Right now it's leaning more towards combination skin due to the colder weather. The shade I got is 2-BP Lingerie and is the lightest of the three shades that they offer.

On the left side of the pictures is my bare skin; one the right side I have applied the cushion on my face and eyelids (without primer). As you can see I have quite a lot of spots, redness, and acne scarring on the left side of my face. The only time when this is (kinda?) advantageous is when I'm testing base products, to see how well they cover and if they emphasize texture. Gotta stay positive, amirite?
One of the biggest perks of a cushion foundation is how easy it is to apply. You basically have everything you need in the case: foundation, puff, and mirror. I've actually found myself reaching for cushions more often than regular foundations because of this. It's the best thing if you're lazy or running late, which I always seem to be.
In terms of coverage, this cushion is one of the best that I've come across. It almost completely covers my imperfections and redness. My dark circles are still visible, but to be honest, they'll probably even shine through a layer of pure paint, so I won't blame Clio for that.
The color is light enough for my skintone, however I find it to be a bit too pink-toned for my yellow skintone. In these pictures it doesn't look too bad, but in real life I found it to look a bit unnatural, especially when I'm not wearing a turtleneck (which I'll admit is rare for me). I usually fix this by setting it with a banana powder to balance out the pink tones. I later found out that the P in 2-BP actually stands for pink, so, welp. The other shades (3-BY and 4-BY) have a yellow undertone, so you might want to go for those if you are more yellow-toned.
The foundation feels a bit sticky after applying and doesn't really seem to dry down: I actually experienced this with most of my cushion foundations. Dewy skin is extremely popular in Korea and as a result almost every foundation has some sort of shine or glow. Even though this one has a semi-matte finish, the stickiness is still there. I'm not a fan of sticky foundations so I always set this foundation with powder. The stickyness does make the foundation appear very skinlike though, even after I set it, so that's a plus in my book!
Cushion foundations usually don't last very long (mostly due to the shiny finish) and this one is no different. Although it does last long for a cushion, a semi-matte finish liquid-type foundation will beat this one in terms of staying power. This cushion lasts around 8 hours on me before it starts to break down on my forehead and nose. No problem for a regular day at the uni, but not so practical for a long day (and night) out. But here the convenience of a cushion foundation comes in: because it's so portable, you can easily touch up during the day or before you go out!

All in all, this foundation is a nice one if you want to try a cushion foundation but are not too fond of the usual low coverage and high shine these foundations have. The lasting power isn't great, but because of the portable case, reapplying is super easy!

You can get the Clio Kill Cover Ampoule Founwear Cushion here for around $25 (prices fluctuate). Clio is not cruelty-free.

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  1. Heyheyhey, welkom bij de Engelse bloggerclub! We hebben koekjes ;) Goede review! Ik ben sinds enkele weken ook erg into koreaanse skincare geraakt en de cushions vliegen je daarbij om de oren. Deze klinkt heel aardig! De dekking ziet er heel goed uit. Ik kan me inderdaad wel voorstellen dat plakkerigheid er heel "skinlike" uitziet! In het geval van verzorgende cremes is vaak de keuze tussen een olieachtige finish (jeetje, hoe zeg je dat in het Nederlands ookalweer, haha) en plakkerig, nou, in dat geval kies ik voor de plakkerige! :D

    1. Hahaha, ik hou van koekjes :)))
      Ik snap wat je bedoelt met de 'oily' finish (ik weet het Nederlandse woord ook niet meer haha)! Op een gegeven moment raak je er wel aan gewend, maar het is even wat anders dan alle matte foundations die je hier vindt ;)