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Review: Etude House Big Cover BB foundation & cushion concealer

 Hi there! I've had this post cookin' for a looooong time, but I couldn't get the pictures right (damn you, winter weather). Now I've finally squeezed out some decent ones, I can finally show you this foundation & concealer combo I picked up in Korea last summer!

Etude House is probably the most popular Korean roadshop (aka drugstore-ish) brand out there. Their products are usually marketed more towards teens/tweens, so their products usually come decorated with pink, sparkles, bows, and hearts. Not really my style, but it's fun to look at! One of their most 'understated' products in terms of packaging is this product I was interested in, the Big Cover concealer BB.... which is a foundation/BB cream, not a concealer. I think I know where they're coming from, as it is supposed to be a high-coverage foundation (or..BB?). Sooo... a BB cream with the coverage of a concealer? I'm hella confused.
In addition to this concealer/foundation/BB .. thingy, I also picked up a concealer form the same line, which I will show you as well!

The Big Cover foundation (as I will call it from now on) Comes packaged in a quite simple box and  equally simple bottle. The foundation contains 30 ml of product and also has an SPF 50+ PA+++- gotta love Korean foundations for that! I have my foundation in the lightest shade, Vanilla, which has a yellow undertone with a hint of pink.

When you twist off the cap, you're greeted by this huge doe-foot applicator. I guess I can see now where the name concealer comes from, lol. Normally I would've preferred a pump, but I think those would've dispensed too much product. As you will see, you only need a tiny amount of product!

 The concealer I picked up is called a 'concealer cushion' which sounded very interesting to me. It comes in the same type of box as the foundation.

 The packaging of the concealer itself is basic, dare I say unappealing. But hey, it's the inside that counts! This one's also the lightest shade (Vanilla) and contains 5 grams of product. Something I really appreciate about this concealer is that is has a SPF35 PA++. I've looked for an undereye product with SPF for YEARS and I was so happy to see it in this concealer!

 The 'cushion' in this concealer is actually a spunge applicator, like the one you see on the immensly Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. Again, not my preferred method of application, but I must admit that it's really convenient to apply concealer with. Strangely enough, the 'fuzzies' on the spunge seam to disappear when you use this concealer, so after a few uses you're left with just a bare spunge. It doesn't really affect the product, I just found it very... mysterious. Where do the fuzzies goooOoo?! 
But enough babbling! Let's get into the full-face pics, shall we...

On the left side is my bare face. I was dealing with a nasty breakout at the time, so I figured it would be a good time to test this foundation. Trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one, sort of. On the right side is how I would normally distribute the foundation for a normal layer (I didn't show it on the forehead as my bangs are in the way). You only need a little bit to get nice coverage! I did add two more dots later, as I needed a bit more coverage with the state my skin was in.

 And here some shots of the foundation on my skin (fyi: I did not put any under my eyes)! As you can see, it did not cover my breakouts completely. If I had added a bit more it could totally cover them though. But as I prefer a more 'natural' finish even with high-coverage foundation I decided to leave it at this. I applied the foundation with a spunge after patting/spreading out the dots a bit with my fingers. I find that the spunge soaks up too much product if I don't spread it out beforehand.
I really like the finish of this foundation: slightly dewy, which is typical for Korean foundations. It's not matte like most high-coverage foundations, so I feel it looks a bit more natural. Of course it doesn't look as if I have nothing on my face, but it doesn't look TOO obvious. It's nice for tricking myself into thinking I've got good skin ;).
The color of the foundation leans a tiiiiny bit too pink for me, but it's barely noticable. If you've got really olive undertones I'm afraid it would be too obvious on you. Luckily the darker shades are more yellow!
The foundation and concealer both have a noticeable scent; I don't know what it is, but it smells a bit fresh. The foundation and concealer have fragrance as the very last ingredient on the ingredient list, so if you're extremely sensitive to fragrance I would pass up on these products.

 I keep getting annoyed by that little curly bit of hair by my right eye... my hair does whatever it wants, obviously! Now on to the actual pictures! On the left side I have applied the concealer under my left eye (your right). I think you can really see the difference here between my two eyes. To be honest, I think this is the best concealer I've ever used! The coverage is great and it also reflects the light beautifully. My undereye circles are pretty dark and I will never completely conceal them as they also cast a shadow (see right picture). But this concealer comes pretty close!
On the right picture, I have applied the rest of my makeup (& a few hours later). As you can see, my undereye circles look more obvious than in the left picture. That's probably due to the way my head is tilted, and the dark eye makeup doesn't help. As you can see on the right picture, the foundation has worn off a bit around my breakouts. The major downside of this foundation is that it doesn't seem to last very well. That is probably due to the dewy finish; those types of foundation do not stay on the skin as well. So the thing that I really liked about this foundation is also its major pitfall (ok, that sounds dramatic, but you get me). I wore the foundation on an evening where I was outside cycling most of the time. I inserted a picture below!

I took the pic in my bathroom cause, you know, it was dark outside (hurray for wintertime)! At this point I had been wearing the foundation for around 7 hours. Under the lighting it looks quite good, but if you look at my chin you can see it has bunched up a lot. It has also largely disappeared from my jaw, nose and forehead. Granted, it was cold so I wore a scarf and beanie all the time.
I wouldn't say the staying power is bad, but I would definitely not wear it on a night out. It has a tendency to seperate and bunch up on my chin and forehead, so it doens't wear of really...gracefully.
The concealer lasted a bit better under my eyes and didn't settle into my fine lines too much. Really impressed!

As you might've guessed, the cushion concealer is the real winner here. The coverage is great, the staying power is good, AND it has SPF. I'm using it everyday and when it runs out, I'll probably shed a little tear.... If you're looking for a nice concealer, this one might be worth checking out!
The foundation is not as good as the concealer, but I still enjoy it! Let's say I enjoy it while it lasts :). If you're not looking for a super long-lasting foundation but like a 'natural' full-coverage effect, this could be the foundation for you!

Etude House is available on their website and in multiple online stores as well as amazon and eBay. The foundation cost me around €13, and the concealer about €9. Prices may be higher online!

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  1. Wauw ik vind 'm mooi! Wat heb je een mooie look gemaakt:-)

  2. Oh wow, wat een mooi resultaat! Echt een goede dekking.

    1. Ja, de eerste keer had ik veels te veel gebruikt en leek het net een masker, haha. Met de dekking zit het zeker goed!

  3. Wat een mooi eindresultaat en het lijkt een natuurlijke dekking. Prachtig.

  4. Mooie look. Het lijkt mij zeker een goede product.

  5. Wauw het ziet er onwijs goed uit! Heel erg mooi. Ik vind de look die je uiteindelijk gemaakt heb prachtig! Liefs, Florentine